From Component to System

Electrical Components
Innovative technologies for an energy-efficient electrical infrastructure
  • Structured standard products
  • Electrical control & distribution
  • Circuit breakers, modular components,
  • distributor flow goods
  • Plug& Play Upgrade kits
Equipment & System
End-to-end electrical solutions to meet our customer’s needs
  • Engineered or configured assemblies
  • Medium- and low-voltage switchgear,
  • MV Breakers & Contactors for Industrial Applications
  • Control equipment, Pwr Transformers, busway & package solutions
Critical Power
Power technologies and network solutions for data center & telecom industries
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Power Compensation: Active and Reactive
  • Pallbearing Switchgear, Micro Grid BMS, DC Power Supply
Energy Decarbonization
New Electrification Storage Technology
  • EV Charging technology: Charger, Platform, Optimization Technology
  • Distributed Energy Storage technology: PCM Thermal Bank, Control System
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